The Kingslayers

The Kingslayers are a rebel group led by a council of eight. (See- Kingslayer’s Council)

The goddess Avandra is patron to the kingslayers, and personally appointed each of the council members. The kingslayers seek to kill the tyrant king and bring freedom back to the land.

Centuries ago, one of Avandra’s prophets recieved a prophesy about the Kingslayers. It is known as the Bandit’s prophecy, and goes as follows:

They will enter with hearts untainted,
They will enter with faith most true.
They will be the merchants of freedom and truth,
and see what their mad king has wrought.
They will break free from the prison of the law,
and take up the weapons of farmer’s sons.
They will seek freedom outside the bounds of court,
casting off the shackles of a false monarchy,
and be saved by those who know themselves unholy.
Not chains nor laws nor even death,
will stop their revolution,
and from beyond the grave their change will come,
in the form of long-dead wisdom.

The Kingslayers

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